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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cryptocurrency review : Onecoin, Onlife Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency review on Onecoin
Hello everyone in today's blog will explain detail about Cryptocurrency review on onecoin. In this blog point to be following points 
What is the onlife foundation
What is dealshaker platform of onlife foundation
What are onecoin & OFC tokens for ICO of onecoin
When Onecoin going to public
what is today's value of OFC token in ICO
Is the onecoin investment good for at this time or stay away

Onlife Cryptocurrency : 
Oneworld foundation started in 2016 by Dr. Ruja Ignatova. She introduces people onecoin. Basically, Onecoin is MLM plan by introducing their Starter, Trader, Protrader, Rookie Packages to people behalf of Sharing education of cryptocurrency. 
Onlife Foundation has introduced multiple platforms in recent 2 years such as Dealshaker, One academy, Oneworld foundation & Onecoin as a cryptocurrency. The main goal of starting Onecoin is Digital payment system Era by changing in the payment system by accepting onecoin on the behalf of paper currency for shopping, or some other purpose, for that onlife introduce Dealshaker platform where you can purchase different items with 50% of onecoin & 50% of Euros. Until now more than 75000 merchants attached to onlife foundations on dealshaker platform. 

One simple thing is any cryptocurrency run only if they have any use in a system, like Bitcoin which is widely used in the payment system in cross-borders.
In the last 3 to 4 years onlife foundation consistently working on their platforms to improve it before going into public. 
OneCoin Limited is a global company in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.  Since its launch, OneCoin has created a community of millions of miners. 


Recently onlife foundation lunch their ICO in three phases 
First phase 8th October to 7th November
second phase 8th November to 7 December
Third phase on 8th December to 7th January 2019
After three phases onecoin going to the public on 8th January 2019 in different exchanges which are they not disclosed yet. If you want to buy it go to official onelife page & buy packages easily. In the first phase of ICO, you can receive 2250 OFC token on the behalf of 150 EURO. 

Is the onecoin investment good for at this time or stay away: 

I think at this moment you stay away from onecoin ICO. why I am telling that kind of sentence I will share you my thoughts about cryptocurrency.
The value of any cryptocurrency depends on two factors first is Supply of particular coin & second is market capitalization of that coin.
Let's take the example of Bitcoin which has 17 million circulation supply & market cap is around 125 billion at this moment so rate os 6500$ 
Now Onecoin has 50 billion total supply & market cap they yet not disclosed yet. but take an assumption that they collecting around 2 trillion worth of money in recent 3 years now we can calculate this than price of one onecoin around 1 or 1,5 Euro but you saw on packages that they have sold in last 2 years, on that packages price of onecoin around 25 Euro. 
One another thing for dropping the price after 8th January 2019 is people stuck their money in packages in last 2 years so when onecoin going to the public they sold their initial 20% of coins to withdraw their initial deposit, At this point selling pressure is more than buying pressure. so high probability of rate going down.
Onecoin is a great project but not at this time to invest money, you will get chance in upcoming days when they stable on decent price according to their market cap. so, it's my personal opinion to stay away from it at this moment. Better to invest other coins which traded on exchanges at this moment so you can withdraw your profit any time. In last 10 month, all top 100 cryptocurrencies 80% goes down & last three month is for the bull rally so invest in that coins not in ICO like Onecoin for stuck your money at least 1 year. If you are buying OFC token in their ICO phase you can sell only 20% initially in January 2019 then 30 % in April 2019 & then remaining after three months. In that period you will get 15% 20% & 25% bonus coins for holding it. But the crypto market is very volatile so, you can't predict particular coin value after 1 year.
This is my personal Cryptocurrency Review on Onecoin if you want to share some other details about this project just comment in the comment box
Summary of Cryptocurrency review on Onecoin 
  • Onecoin is great project almost 305 million people around it at this point
  • Onecoin as a cryptocurrency used in dealshaker platform which is good for their acceptance in the market
  • Circulating supply is more 
  • people stuck their money from last three years in onecoin now, they want to remove it.
  • If project run smoothly with acceptance of people in market onecoin become in top 5 cryptocurrencies.
  • Team & people behind this project are very strong.
  • so good luck & best wishes to onecoin & onelife foundation. 

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