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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bitcoin crash | Is repeat 2014 Chart pattern |

Bitcoin crash | Is repeat 2014 Chart pattern | Is this End of Bitcoin

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Last night of 14 November 2018 Bitcoin drop almost 1000$ in 2 to 3 hours. Bitcoin traded around 6350$ and sudden fall happen. After that one question in everyone's mind that in 2018 can we see a big bull rally. The answer is simple but I have explained in two points of view. First is technically & second is a Fundamental way. At this time two, the Fundamental and technical pattern clearly indicates that the bull rally is postponed till June 2019. If we follow the 2014 chart pattern almost 249 days BTC in a downtrend, after that he started to move. same will happen in 2019 as many experts are in this way. 

Is it right time to Buy Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin:
No this is not a right time to buy crypto or bitcoin because of you never no end point of a downtrend. it may be around 5000$ or 3000$. so better to stay away from a current market scenario. its best time for leverage trader. If bitcoin break 3000$ in an upcoming month its worst entire crypto field. 

I know many of small investor in a loss at the current situation. but I have confidence that days changing with time and we are seeing a bullish rally in the upcoming month. so, never sell your Bitcoin or altcoin in a loss. It is a market cycle which involves pumps and dumps. anyone invest for a long term they never panic. just relax and wait till the market is cover... It definitely Covers.

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