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Monday, November 19, 2018

Bitcoin news | Bitcoin crash again | truth of bitcoin downfall | Cryptocurrency news

Bitcoin News | Bitcoin Crash again | Truth of bitcoin downfall | Cryptocurrency news

Bitcoin Image
Bitcoin Image

Cryptocurrency News | Why Bitcoin Sudden Fall

  • Yesterday bitcoin fall again 800$, and currently, trade around 4673$ why this happen to bitcoin & what is a reason behind this downfall.
  • Nowadays one war beginning in the crypto field between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash hash power. Two days ago Bitcoin cash hard fork happened. Then two coins generated one is Bitcoin cash ABC and second is Bitcoin cash SV. CEO of Roger Ver is the main player behind this Hash War. That's war been going in Between BITCOIN & Bitcoin Cash ABC, Roger Ver is Supporting Bitcoin CashABC Mostly.
  • Roger Ver is CEO of's. The has its Mining Pool Who Provides a Significant Amount of HashPower to The BITCOIN Network over the past few years. Now at the current situation, The CEO of This Website is Supporting BCash ABC.
  • He transfers his's hash power from Bitcoin mining to Bitcoin cash ABC mining. So miner now mines more Bitcoin Cash ABC than Bitcoin. He Knows That's Mining Pool Can Play a Big Role in Securing The New BCash ABC's.
  • Why they supported Bitcoin Cash ABC: They supported bitcoin cash ABC because they want to live BCHABC blockchain and its presence in the market. He only wants to secure the Bitcoin cash ABC Blockchain by providing maximumHash Power that is Being currently used in Bitcoin's Blockchain.
  • Henceforth, What's Happening Now is All The HashPower from's Mining pool who were in past supposed to work for Bitcoin Blockchain. Now Working for Bitcoin Cash ABC Blockchain.
  • Two days ago Roger Ver Announced That BITCOIN's Hash Power Can Be Directed to The Bitcoin Cash ABC's Network so Miners are Following now and mine Bitcoin cash ABC.
  • That's a sad thing for Bitcoin holder who holds bitcoin for future. If this happens continuously crypto market towards dying situation. If this thing goes for longer then BTC will dump towards 4000$ or even 3500$ in short term.

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