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Monday, November 5, 2018

Cryptocurrency investment | Sirin Labs Token | SRN |

Cryptocurrency investment | Sirin Labs Token | SRN | 


What is SRN:

Sirin token is ico's launched in Dec 2017 at the peak of ico and crypto bubble. In that crypto bubble, Sirin lab achieves its all-time high up to $3.89 within one month. Sirin labs have a very experienced and professional team and a clear roadmap of their product. They have also produced their blueprint of the project. In that time SRN achieves market cap around $155 Million. After that, the project is continuously down since last ten month. We have high expectation on that project due to various updation occur in upcoming one month.

Why this is the best time buy Sirin tokens?

Blockchain-based Finney smartphones will be launch on Nov. 29th of 2018 in Barcelona. This is a big achievement for SIRIN team. Lionel Messy famous football player will be the brand ambassador for Finney smartphones. Smartphone price is around $1000. Pre-order for Finney smartphone is already booked. You can buy Finney only through SRN tokens which will be automatically converted and is calculated by current market prices. Finney will be powered by Sirin os, which is a Google certified fork of Android.
You can easily buy, and transfer your digital assets in a highly secured smartphone Finney. Finney will include an embedded cold storage wallet, including great functionality & high security through a multi-tiered cyber security suite. 
Finney also in future include dCENTER, for all your decentralized needs (such as a DApp store) as well as Sirin Token Conversion Service, which will seamlessly exchange supported tokens and coins, so no need to use exchanges for an exchange of coins and tokens

Price of SRN:

Currently, SRN is trading on 1775 sat, If it reaches only its ICO price from this point you can easily gain 150% profit. In my suggestion, we are expecting even more than that price. Instead of making a completely different product for buying and transferring digital assets. Finney will bring a better and easier way to adopt cryptocurrencies culture in a simple way.
You can buy SRN from Bittrex and KuCoin, it's already listed on this exchanges. In the crypto market where most of the projects are still in beta or testing mode, Sirin labs are now developed their working product with a strong mindset. This project is most undervalued & completely unnoticeable.

Current price is $0.1$.
Ico token price was 0.47$.
All-time high achieved in past was 3.89$.
Change % from ico price -78%.
Change % from ATH up to 94%.
A current market cap is 16.7$ million.
Market cap ATH is 347$ million.
Change % from ATH Market cap -93%.

Before you invest Do your Own Research DYOR

Thank You


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