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Friday, November 2, 2018

Ripple price prediction 2018: Should I invest now?

Ripple price prediction 2018: Should I invest now?

Ripple Price Today:

Pros of Ripple [XRP]

  • Ripple (XRP) grow by over 275,00% in 2017, Ripple (XRP) is the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Ripple has strong financial backing. Ripple provide an enterprise-grade blockchain solution for global payments,  However, it also has a few obstacles & challenges to overcome in order to achieve success. Ripple is cryptocurrency use of the blockchain technology. Ripple in the cryptocurrency which can change financial cross-border payment system.  

  • Importance of ripple in payment methods: Ripple offers quick & safe transactions in negligible fees. Sending or transfer international money using bank wire is an and time-consuming experience. People make international transfers much faster and with minimal fees. global remittance payments are expected to grow by 4% to roughly $500 billion in 2018. there’s a large market for Ripple to into financial system.

  • Half of supply of XRP in escrow. Ripple total supply is100 billion. The Ripple company has put around 55 billion XRP in escrow, releases 1 billion XRP per month over 55 months. Due to 55 billion in escrow, they can easily manage selling pressure.

  • Ripple’s Marketplace & Partnerships: Recently one news published in bitcoin news article that ripple made the partnership more than 12000 banks. Ripple has been picked up by a range of banks and international firms, organization & institutions.we will easily transfer money with the use of ripple at lower fees. Ripple facilitate international money transfers in cross-border by acting as a settlement layer between individual & banks.

  • Credibility: Due to increasing partnerships & awareness of ripple in the market the top favorite pick of people is a ripple. the reason behind this increase in popularity, partnerships & in top five cryptocurrency ripple is in under 1$ currency. people think like a ripple is still available at a low rate.

Cons of Ripple [XRP]:

  • Competitors: Ripple's big competitor is XLM i.e. Stellar Lumens. XLM is also designed to facilitate international money transfers. Stellar is designed for individuals to make international transfers of money directly with each other peer-to-peer method. 

  • Only partnership but Lack of Use: Ripple is in testing mode of its protocol or projects. Xrapid will launch in end of November, Recently we here about multiple partnerships with a bank but they are an only testing project of ripple. At current time no use case of XRP ripple.

  • Regulation: Adoption of cryptocurrency by financial institutions is a major concern in this days. so, if ripple has to grow they require regulation of particular financial institutions.

  • XRP price: If banks accept ripple technology in a payment system, it doesn't mean that the price of XRP token will increase because the bank doesn't require XRP token for their transaction in a payment system.

  • Sustainability: If the price of XRP token 5$ after 1 year, Can XRP hold that price with higher supply & selling pressure. can people afford to buy at 5$?

  • Total supply: Total supply of XRP up to 100 billion. this large supply may influence the price of XRP.

What does the future of Ripple to hold more than 2 years?

The rumor that price of ripple will touch 10$ at the end of 2018. this statement made by different paid news site. Some article said that ripple XRP will list on coinbase in upcoming days. this may happen or may not happen. our price prediction is on the current status of ripple project. 
  • Strong point: Multiple partnerships, popularity, XRapid platform, Xcurrent running platform, use of XRP using Ripple’s xRapid service. Due to this points nowadays Ripple is in hot topic amongst people. I think ripple is a strong project, team. Ripple fomo will create easily turns to boom in price to touch at least 5$ once. previous nine months we only saw a drop in price but last one month ripple XRP shows recovery in price, so once again chance to gain high returns in short term.

Three of the top five money transfer companies worldwide will be implementing Ripple’s XRP token in payment systems.

Ripple: It is also one of the most efficient payment networks for financial transactions on the planet. Since, being co-founded by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen in 2012-2013, make a huge success in the crypto field. It is open source and Peer to Peer platform and trading on several exchanges with BTC-XRP, ETH-XRP, XRP-USDT, XRP-USDT pairs. 

Is XRP will Out Perform in 2018?

  • Foundation & Network: 

Ripple is partnering with some of the most significant and trusted banks around the world. Unlike the slow functionality of  Bitcoin, XRP provides a smooth experience for money transfer using the XRP as a cryptocurrency. 
  • Transaction Speed: 
Bitcoins can deal with as much as 7 financial transactions each second.  Ripple can handle up to 1550 transactions every second, that is much more as compared with Bitcoin. 

Adoption by more than 1200 Banks & institution to test ripple system.

Conclusion: For short-term XRP will definitely give good returns. If you want to buy $XRP for quick profits within a few months is a good choice, we expect $XRP to cross the $5 within a few months.
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