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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Onecoin | Onecoin News | Onecoin Price |

Onecoin | Onecoin News | Onecoin Price |

The OneCoin cryptocurrency is promoted being an analog on the Bitcoin program but with a private blockchain. Cryptocoin was made by “One Coin Limited” which was established by Ruja Ignatova in 2015. Comparing OneCoin with Bitcoin, some significant dissimilarities can be observed: the absence of a peer-to-peer network, which means mining is finished only with the company; all transactions could be operated through partnership exchanges; and all data can only be saved via the issuer, i.e. “One Coin limited”. 
According to the corporation, the leading aspect in their business is spreading educational material about exchange buying and selling. For the implementation of OneCoin, the basic principle of multi-level promoting (MLM) is used. To put it differently, it truly is a pyramid scheme, which raises quite a few queries in the crypto local community about its legality.
Onelife Consist of Onecoin, One forex, Dealshaker and OneAcdmy

Onecoin Latest Updated News:

OneCoin crypto future depends on their users and usage. OneCoin is also a cryptocurrency but it is different from others. Recently launching the Dealshaker platform updated version, Now has become the biggest cryptocurrency by merchants. Because of so many existing merchants and active user of OneCoin has assumed that onecoin become the largest Stable Coin in the world and its price can't fluctuate so randomly. Besides this, if all users want to sell their coins then what can we do the price will go down surely.
Due to the centralized blockchain system and for maintaining the stability company announce that only 20% of total coins will be released for exchange into fiat currency. Due to this condition, the company can control the liquidity in the open market. The current price of Onecoin is 26.94 EUR as per the official Onelife network website. We were thinking that the difficulty will increase in this month but till now the difficulty increase barometer showing 94% reading. It simply says that it will take first weak of January to complete up to 100%. Till then the ICO period will be complete on 8th January and perhaps both the things will happen together. The exchange will be opened after this date and as you know till date there is no official announcement about the exchange date. This is because with the announcement of exchange open date they have to announce the Exchange rate. And as per the situation of the last barometer split rate will rise up to 6 euro. And the final rate after completing the difficulty barometer rate will be 32 EURO almost. It is just an idea about the upcoming rate. Maybe the difficulty will become higher and the rate has to increase more than 6 euro. There are 90% chances of higher rate as the number of merchants increased on Newdealshaker platform. Due to this usability and demand increased rapidly.
The rate might increase by 10 euros instead of 6 euros. But if exchange will take time to open for a 2-3 week more then these rates will be different. Maybe by the end of January month, the rate will increase to around 40 euros. We can not do any such calculations after the exchange opens. After this, we have to do calculation according to every day, and after that, the rate will be predicted. But here, we will not see much fluctuation in the rate because we are more stable and more robust.
Onecoin has created a user base through Dealshaker Platform where we can directly utilize our coin for shopping. By this, OneCoin has become a type of stable coin. Maybe in future, it can be used to transfer money through WhatsApp messenger. And as we know Facebook is also looking for such kind of stable coin. And if Facebook and Amazon like a big company will be connected with Dealshaker then the price will be so high you can't imagine. When Onecoin will be listed on the public exchange in January its rate may be either 35 EURO or near around 40 Euro almost as per the current situation.

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