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Monday, February 18, 2019

Bitcoin Price Analysis | Bitcoin going sideways while Alts moving up | Bitcoin news

Bitcoin Price Analysis | Bitcoin going sideways while Alts moving up

Bitcoin Price analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis

I consider that a curved pattern on the left is legit now. On the appropriate we're turning slightly up, we just need to have a candle close above the red resistance zone. 

So no a lot more Bart moves or whatever nonsense. The previous 2 hours it seems something is going on, I posted about it in my channels and have been moving up 20-30 points since, so could possibly be true and not only noise. 

To keep the story quick and basic for the quick term, I would watch the red and green zone on the appropriate. With all the green becoming the assistance of that curved blue line and also the red becoming the resistance about 3610/20, which has been the resistance because the 1st time we saw a Bart move per week ago. 

Anything above 3550 can nonetheless be a bullish version for the begin of this doable impulse wave up. Of that breaks, it could be game more than. 

But I believe when the 3550 breaks, it's going to in all probability be over currently. I do not think the marketplace can manage a drop beneath that support zone. 

A most significant issue of all, we need to have to find out the volume enhance a great deal a lot more. It has been increasing right now, so the current battle may be genuine, but we need a lot much more than this. But that can probably come about above 3700. 

But if it takes place, the bull requires to hold their levels

ETH' is getting pumped significant time, other folks are slowly crawling up as well but I assume the whole marketplace is waiting for Bitcoin to break the 3700ish, which has been the real turning level between bear and bull for quite some time now. 


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  2. It is very difficult to analyze this price since I do not see any economic dependencies of such sharp price fluctuations.


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