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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Onecoin News | Onecoin Exchange is one step away from Launching | Onecoin Truth?

Onecoin News | Onecoin Exchange is one step away from Launching | Truth of Onecoin Real or Fake? 

Onecoin Cryptocurrency

Onecoin News

In this blog, I clearly and fairly discuss all issues and Roadmap of Onecoin Cryptocurrency. This blog Covers Onecoin Onecoin launch date, Newdealshaker platform, Onecoin News, Onecoin price and XcoinX shutdown. Also, I discuss the time and date of Onecoin Cryptocurrency launch so keep touch with us. 
Onecoin exchange start has become increasingly more trending concern nowadays. In early 2019, Onecoin officials have announced that Onecoin is going to publically on  8th Jan2019. However, they failed once again. Now everyone waiting for the next date of the launch announcement. 

Now lots of men and women searching a favorable result from Onecoin officials, Now, this days teams completed significant dealshaker awareness programme in all over the world. Truly these were being amazed and many of us very pleased to be a part Onecoin foundation.

A few days back one event happened in Dubai, I think in that event we got some good information about a onecoin launch date but again onelife fool us. 

Onecoin exchange, NewDealShaker, and Oneforex have become focus subject for Onlife foundation in upcoming months. 

The myth of XCOINX:

Lots of people think and myth that XCOINX in the last stage of launching but I clearly said that XCOINX never launch. As we saw in the last four years Onecoin Roadmap is like Zig-Zag theory.
so keep a smile on face and say Bye bye XcoinX.

Now the company has decided that they open Onecoin on a public platform, not a private platform. So now you all hoping that onecoin launch on a big public exchange like Binance Exchange but it's our second myth. The official said that we are in the last stage of approval of the central bank so finger cross for approval of audit of a central bank that name they never trade until now. Company Said When everything will be great for merchants and investors. Onecoin will launch its exchange publicly for everyone. 

What are NewDealshaker and are they really work? 

The answer is YES as per experience and site views. In all the negative points, one positive thing work is Newdealshaker. The company has tried to survive with the successful running of newdealshaker platform. They will succeed or not only gods know but As an investor, I think its great time to cash out onecoin to fiats. 

You need to know that why I'm told that convert your onecoin into fiats,

Current stage Onecoin price is Bubble and anytime when it open on the exchange they fall down. This is one of the main reason that they never open onecoin on the exchange.

Think in which price you buy Onecoin tokens then split, super split, bonus. as an investor, you know how to increase the price of any coin or your investment. you think that your investment increase by a split of tokens which have nothing value as per my knowledge. Its only programmed software in which you stuck, Difficulty parameter, Split parameter.lub lub.....

One thing you definitely notice in your wallet when split and difficulty parameter stop on 99% for 10 to 15 days. I'm sure that everybody notices this thing how this possible from 1 to 99% its achieve within 15 to 30 days but from 99% to 100% its take 15 more days.

This is because of its MLM plan and they have specific targets for respective months. This is the oldest technique of funding from receiving money from normal peoples. As you hear one to two sentence from the leader of onecoin that "Difficulty parameter if around 99% before it crosses 100% purchase package otherwise price will increase." 

Can you tell me how onecoin mining happens, most of the people don't know that onecoin mining is centralized and investor has no idea about how many coins mined until now, what is block size, block details of onecoin, the total supply of coins and froze coins by a company. 

Now we see on our onecoin wallet price is 29.95 Euro, but you really think this is an actual value of onecoin cryptocurrency starts from something 1 euro with only split and difficulty parameter increasing. 
The coin has no usage on how to increase the price of it. nowadays this coin come up with its usage it doesn't mean that its price starts with 29 euro. 

Coins price depends on supply and demand. The demand increase by usability. At this time Supply is more than demand. 

As you know Onecoin selling educational packages but you also know that its MLM plan. its chain work. so keep aware of it that in history nothing MLM plan succeed.
Let's do some calculations

I think every all investor holds an averagely minimum of 1000 coins in their wallet. As I know most of the investor hold more than that but let take Onecoin community is around 35 million 

3500000*1000 = 3500,000,000 * 29 euro = 101,500,000,000 Euro 

So, calculate them in free time total market cap of onecoins and price of the bubble of return that they commit us you will get your answer. Then ask himself or herself that can really company paid that huge amount of money without the usage of coin at the current stage.

I think you got all the answer why they did not come up with Exchange? A better way to shop online on Newdealshaker anything at least you receive your initial amount back other amounts keep it for a bright future. But always remember to withdraw your initial investment don't be greedy. Thank you 

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