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Thursday, June 6, 2019

What is technical analysis

What is technical analysis

Technical analysis is the study of price charts and trading history of any stock, currency or cryptocurrency to determine its future price movements and action. 

Technical analysis doesn't consider any information related to the firm’s fundamentals, the technical analysis seeks to determine a likely direction in the future price assumption of any stock, currency or cryptocurrency depends on their history of performance.

Technical analysis contains:

  • Chart pattern study 
  • Study of Indicators
  • Study of candlestick patterns
  • Study of performance of any stock or currency in a particular time frame.
  • supply and demand of stock or coins
  • Volume in stock or currency in day trading or different time frame
  • price movements or price action
  • Bull or Bear trends
  • Opening trends of any stock or currency
Technological investigation implies a way of monitoring inventory selling prices to evaluate and review prospective investments.

All Past Price and volume data work as an Indicator of Future Performance prediction

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